Monday, September 1, 2014

The Big Bang Theory

Seasons 1-7 from 2007-2014

I got hooked to it since I saw the pilot episode in 2008, a year after it was aired.since we used to download it in college hostel. I love it. its one my favorites sitcoms and can watch it over and over again..:)

The Big Bang Theory ,to me it's one of the best written sitcoms currently on  TV. The scripts are filled with scientific references some people might not understand but they are very witty. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons are definitely one of TV's newest comedy teams who have great chemistry and the addition of Kaley Cuoco as their neighbor, Penny brightens up the show. Let's not overlook the supporting cast with Simon Helberg as Wolowitz, who looks a little like Paul Reubens, the man behind Pee-Wee Herman and Kunal Nayyar as their friend from India.

"A woman who moves into an apartment next door to two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory."

Sheldon Cooper the nerdy one of the two roomates is the nucleus of the show.  he's a mixture of clownish geekyness and borderline creepiness.You dont want to like him but end up loving him.He take pride in describing everything very deeply and scientifically which can became a "pain in the arse sometimes"
Leonard, the less nerdy of the two roommates, has been in lust with the above mentioned young neighbor, Penny
Howard and Raj (a whispering sidekick who can't bring himself to actually talk in front of a girl) round out the crew.  Howard pretends to be a woman's man but everybody knows he isnt capable of dating any girl leave marrying.thats why when He gets married to Penny's girlfirend Bernadette and becomes a doting husband,it comes as a surprise to all.
even sheldon end up finding a girl like him. Amy, who longs for physical happiness from sheldon has to make away with seldom pecs on cheeks and date appointments.

Jim Parson is phenomenal and my favorite. his winning an emmy this year is worth his performance.
Kudos to the whole cast and the writers. I hope this funny, smart show stays around. We need a comedy with wit and heart, and for a change - lovable geeky brains too.

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