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Life’s Game – by Crowning Glory

Chapter 9

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Jennifer was red with embarrassment

“No, nothing lik…” she started to defend herself. “Am I so boring? Here I came all the way from Delhi to see you and you seemed lost in others”, taunted Cyrus
Jennifer was smart enough to sense the sarcasm and replied with a wink “I am not interested in tall, fair and nerdy men you know”
She pulled away her hand shyly as he tried to hold it. It’s in his eyes, but I want to take it slowly, she thought.

Cyrus’s phone rang and he excused himself. Jennifer decided not to tell him what she felt about Tara since he seemed inspired by her personality. No. not yet

Cyrus came back and sadly announced that he would have to leave. “So after all, you did not come to meet me” scoffed Jennifer getting up from her chair. Cyrus looked displeased for having to leave such a great company and promised that he would make it up to her.
They both came out of that coffee shop and the sound of traffic surprised them. It was so calm and quiet inside that they had forgotten they were in the middle of a busy street of Mumbai. Cyrus offered her to drop her to her PG as he had a company car at his disposal. “I am important to the company after all” he smiled and said.
Sitting beside him in the car she could smell his rustic scent which was opposite to his looks. He so different than my ex. He has made me forget him. If only he could see how happy I am with Cyrus right now. She subtly crossed her fingers wishing this thing between her and Cyrus would be for the better.

They turned left in Malad close to her PG, when she suddenly saw a market and asked the driver to stop. “I need a cleaning kit for my camera and other stuff for my room and will get down here” explained Jennifer. Cyrus looked disappointed but nevertheless opened the door for her. “Sorry dear, I will not be able to join in your shopping” he said. “That’s okay, you will go crazy seeing me bargain” chuckled Jennifer. She gave him a quick hug before Cyrus sat back in the car.


She looked at the market flooded with people and mentally prepared herself for the adventure she was getting into. She was taught by her colleagues to deal with shopkeepers here and she was becoming better at it.
She seemed amused by the Marathi talking ladies, bargaining with shopkeepers with their small kids chewing the end of their mother’s saree, waiting to get back home. She took help from the locals to find the camera shop and moved towards it.

As she peered into a lane, her eyes scanning the market, she froze. Her eyes widened like the goddess Kali and she immediately turned her head away. As she walked away from there, her mind started racing. Did he see me? How did he come here? Is he following me? How does he know I am here?

She ran away as fast as she could and ignored the nasty remarks directed towards her as she pushed people out of her way. She saw a taxi and immediately got into it and asked the driver to speed. Sweat trickled down her temples and she was afraid the driver would hear her heart beat so loud
Noooooooooo… please no- Jennifer cried frantically trying to free her arm from the hand grabbing her tightly. He was so strong that she could feel his grip getting tighter as if it would cut through the wrist
“Shut her up or I will hit you with this hot rod”, she heard a loud manly voice which surprisingly belonged to a woman. Jennifer was blindfolded and could only smell sweat and fish. Jennifer knew she was in deep trouble. She could sense a lot of people in a small room, and hear faint sobbing and an occasional sound of someone getting slapped.
Her voice was drowned by the strong grip over her mouth by another man and she could no longer shout. Her efforts in biting the palm went in vain as she heard the men laughing at her.
Minutes passed and she became calmer. She then felt a needle working on her wrist. The next minute fell down with a thud.
Regaining her senses, she found herself in a dark room sans the blindfolds. She looked at her wrist in the dim light coming out of the window and saw a tattoo of an eagle catching a prey. “I am that pray”, she thought.
“Madam? Hello, madam? We have arrived”. Jennifer was brought back with a start. She quickly handed the money to the driver and ran into her apartment, locking the front door.

It was a Saturday evening and Tara was making Italian pasta for Roohi which was an unusual scene in the Dutta house.
Shekhar was talking on the phone but his eyes were on Tara. He was worried she might burn the pasta as she had hardly cooked anything in the last few years. “God knows what has gotten into her today”, he wondered.

“Who was it?” Tara asked as she saw Shekhar putting down the phone

“Someone from work” replied Shekhar just to get rid of her question. Why such sudden interest?

“I got a few calls last week from my PR informing me of an offer to write advertisement jingles. You know you can do them” she said, wishing he would agree.

“What? You want a novelist to write jingles?” She is hurting my pride-damn you, Shekhar thought.

“I don’t have time to fight with you on what you are and what you were. I just know that you sit at home all day and don’t even try to do anything to change your life. I just thought maybe I could get you back on your feet and make you see a better view of life outside of this house.” snapped Tara, visibly irritated by his behavior of not accepting his fault.

“Daddy!!!!” Shekhar ran to where the voice was coming from to see Roohi on floor crying. Her doll was broken

Tara scoffed and continued making the pasta.


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