Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Raja Natwarlal

ok, so this was my first Emraan Hashmi movie in theater. and yes,I like him. his movies have story and you can never get bored ;) (pun intended)

but this time, the Story was Ok a "sadak chhap" Emraan Hashmi as con man with Diapk Tijori his wing man. with his ambitious plan to go for "bada haath"Dipak gets killed . The story then becomes a revenge story to con the culprit, Vardha Yadav played impeccably by Kay Kay.

Emran teams up with Dipak's brother yogi played by Paresh Rawal a bigger Badass to plan for this con.How a sadak chap con man get a passport and visa and moreover money to fly to south africa to take on Vardha is something we can only imagine can happen in movies only.if That was not all. He assembles a team of other con men (Ocean 11-style) and con Yadav for Rs 15,000 crores by staging a fake cricket league.

It doesn’t help that the love interest is played by Humaima Malick, an import from Pakistan who is good looking for sure but has even less screen presence  The rest of the cast is equally bad. While Rawal sleepwalks in his role, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub plays a hamming serial killer who doesn’t utter a single word of dialogue.He was used terribly after giving a wonderful performance in Ranjhana. Hashmi did his usual job as in his other movies.

All in all, I would say the movie could have been treated better and the loop holes that were evident could have been filled
a one time watch and you can wait till it comes to television.. ;)

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