Friday, May 15, 2015

The all New MyAirtelApp

Bharti Airtel has launched a new 'my airtel' app for its Indian subscribers to let them manage their mobile, fixed line and DTH services.
The free app includes ability to check outstanding bills and un-billed amount, recharge accounts, make payments, activate or deactivate any VAS service like astrology, jokes et al. Users can also raise requests/ complaints and track their status. Customers of company's DTH service Airtel Digital TV can also order movies and games via the app.

Being an Airtel Customer, I downloaded the App and it really is great, its like everything in one place.
It lets you manage airtel mobile, broadband & digital tv connections, pay outstanding bills, recharge pre-paid accounts, activate or deactivate any service, raise requests-complaints and more.
The main features of this app are
Pay bills and recharge your account
Start and stop services such as Hello Tunes and other Value Added Services
Get special offers customized for you
Activate 3G, calculate best fit plan & change 3G plans
Keep track of usage and get detailed bills
Get Detailed bill
Exlore Airtel Live
Raise service requests and track them

Out of the so many wonderful features, my top 3 features are
1- 'shake it up'

yes,Now just shake the phone to get  a new offer to save an extra penny. What makes it appealing is the sound of coins when you shake the phone for more offers. Their TV advert also promotes this feature extensively. Although the concept of offers is not new to any network provider app, the concept of users shaking their handset with the app installed to select and opt for current offers makes it worth trying. By introducing free coupons, they are now challenging players like Freecharge / Paytm / CouponDunia. Much needed competition for these guys to raise their game up a notch.

2.The user interface
the user interface is very simple and friendly.The app knows you from the moment you run it for the first time. So it opens with all the connections listed to your primary number already showing up on it. It also tells you the outstanding amounts on the same. For my broadband account, it showed the amount of data consumed so far. All this is very intuitive and easy to act on. The good thing here is that you don’t really have to find any option, the app has figured out what you are trying to do.

3.Safe and faster payment
Airtel claims PCI-DSS certification for the online payment stack which promises most Safe, Secure to recharge & pay bills and allows fastest checkouts with card store feature for prepaid online mobile recharge, Digital TV DTH recharge, data card / dongle recharges, 3G pack recharge, postpaid online mobile bill payment, landline & broadband bill payment and airtel money load cash.I can confidently pay for my bills and recharges via Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking, or Airtel Money. It also lets me “Save” the Card details so I don’t have to enter it each time I recharge or make a payment. Plus the interface is quite easy to use and responsive.

The new MyAirtel app definitely makes life simpler for Airtel users. You now don’t need to go beyond the smartphone to make your payments. A download is highly recommended, especially for those with more than one Airtel connection.

for more details click -> MyAirtelApp

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Question of India- what is the #EkNayiLeague

Kapil Dev joining Twitter some 2 weeks back, tweeting about this #Ek Nayi league repeatedly, you tube having videos of Kapil Dev telling that if you play with heart you will definitely loose.All this "Hulla " is about what , is the question on everybody's minds. 

Looking at the tweets on twitter, I can see people are guessing that It might be a dance show with stars of a different patterns.
some poeple are guessing that it might be a reality game show where they will test the knowledge of the stars and ask them to play form brain and not heart,

After watching the 5 videos where the great cricketer Kapil Dev invites eminent persons from different fields like Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza, Kapil Sharma and M.S. Dhoni, and appreciates them for their performance. One thing that is common to all these commercial videos is that he reminds in each of these videos that his Ek Nayi League is not about making decisions from Heart, rather using Brain to win it.
Twitter has been trending with speculations of what this new deal is all about. also Kapil Dev has asked everyone to join him on Twitter which also leads to think that this game show could be online or rather some parts would definitely be Online

So what this Ek Nayi League could be? Well, if you watch all those videos, you would notice that in each video Kapil Dev asks you to follow him on Twitter. What could be the reason for this? Also, why did he join Twitter two weeks before launching Ek Nayi League?

The answer that came to my minds was.
being a cricketer himself and now launching what could be a game show,I think that this game show would be based on Cricket or Sports to be precise. here they would challenge the star from different streams to compete with each other by using their would be perhaps  a new game format, where my guess would be, that the intellect of the players is tested. Here the head will rule supreme, instead of the usual focus on winning by the heart. Members of the league play against each other or a new format of the game is created.  
there might be pools where teams or individuals will compete in the battle ground and the winners fo the pools will then compete and hence move on to the semifinals and eventually the finals. the ranks of the team or individuals will be based on how they use their brains to move further in game

further,I think this game would unite starts for a bigger cause.the money they earn would be utiilised for the betterment of society, since I saw our prime minister Mr. Narendre Modi congratulating Kapil Dev on his new start on Twitter.

Waiting to see this #EkNayiLeague