Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Human centipede 1 and 2

what is noteworthy is the inspiration of the movie. I actually felt- WHY???

Part one: how a mentally disturbed doctor gets inspired by centipedes and decides to try the same on stuck travelers.
story: two American girls find themselves trapped in a terrifying makeshift hospital by a retired surgeon,Dr. Heiter. The doctor explains that he is retired surgeon who had specialized in separating Siamese twins. However the girls are not about to be separated, but joined together in a horrific operation. He plans to be the first to connect people, one to the next, via their gastric system, and in doing so bring to life his sick lifetime fantasy: the human centipede.

honestly, after watching so many gory movies before, this movie did not quite feel to me as disturbing. it was bore as hell and there was no goriness too . yes, the part where the excreta from the first one was passed to the others behind might be more of yuck than gory.
A must-not watch for weak hearted people and one time watch for people like me. ;)

Part two: Yeah, this was way better than the first one in respect to disturbing scenes but the killing could have been better.
Inspired by the doctor from the previous movie,this man spends his waking moments looking at the first Human Centipede movie over and over and over again, and wants to make his own version by connecting as many as 12 people.The way they are sewed shows the lack of surgical skills. the victims mouths are literally stapled  to the behind..
A truly disgusting movie with no sense and made me feel "why the hell did I saw this one"

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nirmala-Munshi Premchand

when I wanted to write the review of the books I have read, the first that came to my mind was Nirmala by Premchand, this I had in my grade 11-12 and I loved the way the character was portrayed,human suspicious nature , an aged husband trying to woo a younger wife and the helplessness of Nirmala trying to become a good wife and a good mother inspite of all odds

One of Premchand's most popular novels in India, Nirmala was written at a time—the 1920s in India—when the issues women faced in Indian society were receiving increasing attention from writers and poets.Unlike Premchand's other works, Nirmala has a darker tone and ending, and its characters are less idealised
Nirmala’s marriage was about to happen to a doctor in a rich Brahmin family but because of the death of her father, a financial burden starts looming over the Nirmala’s family. Thus, paying the dowry becomes a concern. Her marriage then happens to a widower, Munshi Totaram in his forty’s who brings Nirmala home in order to fill his first wife’s place. He has 3 sons and one sister living with him. He is a lawyer and is rich and respected in the society. By marrying, he hopes that his children would get the love of a mother and there would be someone to take care of his house too. His lost hopes to live comes alive.

But Nirmala could not find her dream man in him as he was too old for her. Even then, she faked happiness in front of him.

Soon suspecting the beauty of Nirmala, her husband starts doubting the relationship between his eldest son and Nirmala and so sends him to hostel.

All three children regret this, especially the eldest one. His health soon deteriorates in the hostel. A   catastrophes strikes the house of Nirmala. She was now blamed for all that happened and the situation goes on to become from bad to worse. The story wonderfully depicts that how everybody get caught in the situation even though it is no one’s fault.

the story is depressing and not suitable for people looking for romance or comedy.the wordings are simple. the relationship between Nirmala and the elder son Mansaram is very well depicted. the way Totaram tries to woo his wife and the failure and his  perception of his elder son and wife relationship as adultery, which shattered and broke his son to the extent that this intense grief took his life is depicted well to show human nature.

It is an all time classic and would recommend everyone to read it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gore Movies

I am Gore fan and have always been.I remember watching my first Gory Movie hostel 1 followed by hostel 2 It may sound weird but I kind of  enjoy blood-spilling, mind *beep* bone-breaking and miscellaneous dismemberment of humans.
note: before anyone can tag me to be having a violent streak ,I can see Only Humans and that too in movies,I tried watching the ISIS attack on innocent people and got nauseated.also I cant take violence on animals,not in movies or real.just cant tolerate that .

since then, I have watched so many gory movies that now the recent watched ones seemed bore more than disturbing..

My list of gore movies in no particular order than my memory ;)
Hostel 1and 2
Wrong turn 1,2 and 3
Saw series 1-5
The Human Centipede 1and 2
The Texas chain saw massacre
Cannibal Holocaust
The hills have eyes
Hatchet 2
The midnight Meat train
few more I have seen but dont remember the name. I might add them later.

I will be reviewing all the movies one by one

DISCLAIMER: people who just cant watch violence, please stay away. I have other kind of review for you.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

HIMYM- season finale review

it should have more like "how I met your mother after 7 years and then she died and I married your aunt" seriously, a big flop shop for HIMYM fans. thank goodness I was just a Barney LEGEND--wait for it-ARY Stinson fan and remained till now.

Craig Thomas and Carter Bays just spent an entire season on the weekend of Robin and Barney's wedding, only to have them get divorced in the blink of an eye.I mean, this is crap.I was actually getting over ted-robin and wished Barney Luck ..urrrrrgh..

Starting in 2005 the makers decided to kill off the title character so that her husband Ted (Josh Radnor) could be with Robin (Cobie Smulders), the woman he fell for in the very first episode. Thomas and Bays were convinced this was the right ending so they recorded the scenes with Ted’s children, featured at the end of the series finale, during season two.It could have worked but they were rushing in the finale and specially the last episode looked like a sprint.

however they put a decent ending to all the characters. Lily became pregnant with their third child and she and Marshall finally decided to leave the old apartment. Barney went back to his old ways.  He then embarked on a perfect month, banging 31 girls in 31 days, until number 31 got pregnant and had baby girl Ellie. In a moving scene, Barney said to the baby, "You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours forever.

This isn’t a perfect ending; the ground covered in the finale could have filled an entire season instead of being crammed into a single hour
I even got a taunt from my brother who used to crib on me for downloading HIMYM series and wasting bandwidth, when I told him the mother died in the end, all he did was give a villainous laugh..