Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review: Ramayana-The game of life : shattered Dreams

Author:  Shubha Vilas
Price: 350

Having read Ramayana quite a few times,I did not expect this book to be much different.but when I read this book, It came as a pleasant surprise to me since the writer has given minute details of this saga and the lessons of life that keeps us inspired and learn a lot
I had not read the first book.but since I was well versed with the story of Ramayana, I did not feel any disconnect with the sequel.
this book is the sequel to , rise of the sun prince which was a national bestseller.Twelve joyful years have passed in Ayodhya since the wedding of Rama and Sita at the end of Book 1.
the plot of the book starts post marriage of Ram and Sita till the the departure of Ram on his 14 year exile.
written by Shubha Vilas, this book is spiritual and inspirational.taking example from this epic saga, author has put foot notes filled with wisdom and how to deal with the every situation whether good or bad, that comes in our lives.

The book starts with Dasaratha's desire of making Ram as his successor. the whole kingdom rejoices and starts preparations for the big ceremony. the evil Manthara then plots her thoughts in Keikeyi's mind to make Bharat as king and not Ram. Keikeyi falls prey to human desires and love for her own children. she goes to the king and taking advantage of the boons that Dasaratha has granted her, asks him to send Rama on exile and make Bharath as king of Ayodhya. the helpless king could not back out from his words and grants her wish. Ram is sent to jungle and Sita and Lakshaman follow him.
Bharath gets agitated when he comes to know of his mothers deeds and goes to jungle to bring the rightful king back to rule. Ram and Bharat unite and Bharat pleads him to return. Ram denies and asks Bharath to respect the leaders decision and go back and rule Ayodhya as a king. Bharat goes back taking Ram's padukas and vows to rule under them till Ram returns and takes his spot.

Its not the story that has any difference, its the way its told is what make this book unique. The extreme detailing and the interpretation of every situation gives a lot of learning. how the human minds work and how we need to control our desires and follow the right path is explained very well in every teaches us how to handle desires and temptations, remain positive in all situations, Sita's willingness to join her husband in the exile showed the true meaning of 'ardhangini', which means means 'half-body'. the younger brothers Lakshamana's respect for his elder brother Ram , Bharat's honesty in leaving the crown which belonged to Ram and A fathers emotions on seeing his own child being taken away from him

No doubt the book is must read for a motivational journey. you will be left with positive thoughts and look at your life in a different perspective .

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life's what you make it: #Befikar Umar Bhar

Life is what you make it, so lets make it large...

My philosophy of living life is "Its better to regret after doing things, rather than regret not doing it"
take risks, take chances ; sometimes they might be fruitful and sometimes you might fall down heavily but that's what makes life worth living. its better to tell our grand kids the stories of what we did and how we failed or succeeded rather than not having anything to tell them at all.

I do have a bucket list made which I really want to do in my life. the list is long and its quite hard to choose the top 5. still here they are


                                              1.Travel till I physically can

I am a travel addict and thankfully my husband shares the same passion or rather more than me. I want to travel with him to the nooks and corner of the world, climb every mountain ,trek through the jungle,take a boat through the amazon river, dive into waterfalls,sleep under the skies and so on and on

                                                   2.Open a dog shelter

I love dogs; more than humans, I confess. I love the beautiful dog breeds from all over the world to the street dogs lying on my doorstep. I want to open a dog shelter so that these street dogs can have a home just like the other dogs smiling away inside cars  and can have stomach full to eat

                                                 3.Become a basket ball coach for a girls team

I have been playing basketball since grade 5 and have the game in my veins. I want to coach a girls team and see it win in front of my eyes.I know I have it in me all the tricks to make any team win the game

                                                4.Do sky diving/bungee/paragliding

I am afraid of heights, like seriously get nauseated when I got to heights. so these 3 things are definitely on my list and will surely do them once.I have to get rid of this fear which has been haunting me since childhood

                                             5.Serve the Indian defense forces

definitely not the last thing in my bucket list. I wish to wear that uniform and be honored to be part of the best job in the entire country. feel proud to actually do something for this nation. I might be too late to add this in list but since the title is #befikar Umar bhar so why not wish for this. maybe I can get a chance again

The list is long and on my way to fulfill all of them. I pray to god that I remain healthy and I always have this same determination to see my dreams come true.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Just Married :)

                                     New life, New Home, New role. loving every bit of it.