Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Travelling In BMTC in Bangalore

I travel By BMTC daily to office. its like a journey for me which takes 1 and half hour with 2-3 kms of walking.somedays I will curse myself for not taking a bike, but somedays I will feel thankful of not being on two-wheeler but inside the bus,trying to sleep.

I used to boast about how bangalore is good city because of the transport services especially buses. its true to some extent but it has become a tiresome journey these days with foul mouthed conductors,fighting fellow passengers, men looking over your cleavage and the EVER increasing fare of tickets. I really dont get why every 3 months there will be a rise in tickets.public transport is supposed to be easy on pocket for middle class and lower class people. if 3 people are traveling together,its better to go by auto than take 3 tickets in bus.its that costly and its increasing day by day.

It saddens me thinking how poor people manage with this cost.just two years back the cost of monthly pass was 725 approx. and day pass was 40 rs. today the monthly pass is 1050 and day pass is 70 rs.this is around 75% increase which is an alarming rate. the auto waalas take the advantage of this situation and charge whatever it comes from their mouth for going small distances too.

On top of this ,there are instances when the conductor doesnt gives you 1r change for a 9 rs fare.he expects us to have the 9 rs coin or leave the 1 r. in that case every 10th day he should allow us to travel free of cost since we have already paid him 9 rs for that day. if we ask all we hear is "madam change illa ,yen madli".

I have also encountered on most cases,buses taking a different route and skipping stops just to avoid traffic and reach early to last stop.this affects me most of the time since my stop comes before Majestic and its an important stop but it get skipped by bus drivers to avoid a longer route and traffic.even though the bus stop name appears on the screen, that path is not traversed.I have had so many fights for the same with the driver and conductors but I think it just falls on deaf ears.

Then there are perverts and constantly staring men who will stand close to you( if by bad luck you get the last ladies seat) just have a peek-a-boo at your cleavage and sudden touches which will completely feel like it was by mistake.

I have now become an expert in catching buses and getting a seat on time.I know how to disappoint the perverts and also dealing with conductors.But I also make sure an old lady or a woman with child always gets a seat.

All in all,I dont like much to travel in bus but on a rainy day or hectic day at office, I would prefer inside the bus than outside it cursing the traffic.

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