Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Italy

I was so desperate to go to this place.My brother had praised this place a lot and I had read great reviews about it.
the day came when I finally went to the place.I was expecting the prices to be high but being a little "kanjoos" about spending more on food and transport, I thought of trying the buffet, by which I can get to taste all kind of Italian food.
The welcome drink was a choice between musambi  and cheeko flavored some kind of drink.not so bad but no WOW factor
then came the starters, tacos, small garlic breads with different flavors, then our famous papdi with italian toppings and cheese spinach balls.kuch khas nhi..
soup was water with green leaves..
I was starting to get bored with the taste already and was thinking how much I could have eaten with good taste with 560 rs .but it was not the end of food torture. the main course was left.

Pizza was good.but everything else was full of cheese and no taste at all.I was praying for it to get over.
by the time I came out ,all I wanted to eat was some chatpate golgappe or masala puri.

after this , I realized that The food was good,just that Italian cuisine did not go well with me.the taste did not quite excite me. I am a proper chat and all masala lover and dont quite like cheese and the gooey things.chalo kuch to seekh mili..

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