Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting over: cheers to the life changing decisions

Bangalore is my second home after Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. My maternal family lives here and so when I shifted for work, I did not feel a lot of difference. I got selected in campus recruitment and started as a trainee In a software company in Bangalore in the year 2011. I was staying with my uncle and cousins and having the best time of my life. I earned, spent and saved and was living a dream.
During my training days, I had got attached to one guy and he had become one of my best friends. Not that I was interested in having a relationship but it was good chemistry between us. And as time flew, people started tagging us as a “couple”. I never took it too seriously since it’s what people do and I hardly cared what other think of us.

After training, he immediately got project while I was still on bench. I used to visit him in his office sometimes for work or taking printouts. During that time, he used to take me out for tea or just come a little closer and grab my hand sometimes. This was surprising to me since he had never behaved like this before. Still I did not judge him since, he was very close to me and I shared almost everything with him. The shocking part was when I came to know that He had been telling his colleagues and his college friends that I am his girlfriend. He used to make me deliberately sit near beside his seat for long to show off to his teammates. I was aghast. I had least expected this from him. We had made it clear long back that we would not end up together. I never knew, he was interested in me. Even if he was, I had all the right to know it first rather than the whole world. I was not an object to be showed off or be carried like a prize.

I was broken and confronted him. He had all the excuses to his defense and he tried to propose to me as well. I denied it. Our friendship was over and in fact I lost a little faith in men after this incident. I just wanted to put all this behind me and move on, but all these months that I had spent with him, the good times we had, the stuff we did together, all those moments reminded me of him all the time. His duplicity had left me alone.

After around a fortnight a good surprise came to me in the form of a project allocation. I was given a project in Hyderabad and had to relocate. I had never been to that city and was a little apprehensive in accepting it. I was afraid of this change. I knew no one there and had no friends.I was living with my family  here and even they did not want me to leave. There were Telangana fights going on that time and everyone told me it would be dangerous. But it was destined to be. I had turmoil going in my head and was heartbroken at that time. I needed to start afresh and be as far away from him as possible. I took the decision to go.

I left for Hyderabad in Nov 2011 and trust me; it was the best decision of my life. Till date I feel that the life I had in Hyderabad for 2 years were the best days of my life. The project I went into was one of the prime clients of my organizations and I did surprisingly well there. I got two awards within a span of 6 months. I was part of the team meeting with clients and they had huge hopes with me. I was ruling and expanding my knowledge. More than work, I was personally very lucky since two of my best friends were relocated to Hyderabad as well later and I spent a wonderful time with them.I was a part of the badminton team as well and gained lot of popularity as well.

I moved on fast. I forgot what happened to me in Bangalore and did not regret even a bit leaving that city. I lived alone in a room and learnt to be independent. I spent wisely and also bought a gold chain. My first ever investment with my own money. I was proud of myself. And thanked the gods, for bringing this change in my life.

As for that guy in Bangalore, I never heard from him again. Time flew and it patched all wounds. I was happy and Successful

Do not be afraid to start over. It’s a new chance to rebuild what you want

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