Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Dabur Honey Diet- a new way to stay fit

Recently I attended the Dabur Honey Diet blogger Meet held at Bangalore. I was inspired by the talk given by the famous nutritionist 'Pooja Makhija' who spoke about the health benefits of Honey. She elaborated how replacing sugar with honey in our daily life can bring about good changes in our body and help us burn those fat easily

Today's generation likes to indulge in lots of junk/processed food that leads to various health issues. Eating a proper, nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep you mentally and physically well.
A healthy diet may help to prevent certain long-term (chronic) diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It may also help to reduce your risk of developing some cancers and help you to keep a healthy weight. It is important to find the right balance between these different nutrients to achieve maximum health benefits .
Maintaining a balanced healthy diet is indeed not very easy - there are many people who work on a regular diet prescribed by a nutritionist/dietitian and there are also equal number of people who go on diet with their own opinions and ways to lose weight/gain weight or just be healthy.

The crash diet- a quick way to reduce weight is a myth. It involves starving yourself which does not help in reducing fat. There are two ways to loose fat. One by loosing the bad FAT and the other by loosing muscles. Crash-diet reduces your muscles which is very bad for your health. FAT can only reduced by healthy diet and ample amount of exercise.Crash diet works wonder for a month but are later regretful.
When you eat a balanced diet including whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and fruits and vegetables, your body has the fuel that it needs to manage your energy level. To meet the body's nutritional needs, it is necessary to include a good supply of whole grains, vegetables and fruits in the diet, along with a smaller portions of dairy and meat products. Eating a healthy variety of these nutrient-dense foods every day leaves less room for those calorie-dense foods that tend to expand the waistline, such as processed foods and fatty or sugary snacks.

Benefits of a balanced diet

1. A healthy diet can protect the human body against certain types of diseases, in particular noncommunicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer and skeletal conditions.
2. Healthy diets can also contribute to an adequate body weight.
3. Healthy eating is a good opportunity to enrich life by experimenting with different foods from different cultures, origins and with different ways to prepare food.
4. The benefits of eating a wide variety of foods are also emotional, as variety and color are important ingredients of a balance diet.

Healthy eating can help you avoid diseases that may lower your life expectancy. Many of the benefits of healthy eating contribute to potential savings. If you stay healthy, you’ll have fewer medical bills to pay and by cutting back on food, you’ll eat less and have fewer groceries to purchase. Save your body and your wallet and eat your greens today.
So we always believe "HEALTH IS WEALTH".

Introduce Honey in your daily life and feel the change 
To learn more about the Dabur honey benefits click -> The Honey Benefits

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