Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 Reasons to dislike Bengaluru

So my last post was on 5 reasons I love Bangalore for. here are things which I completely dislike and that needs to be changed.
note that I have used the word dislike but not Hate.:)


I mean look at the picture below and tell me how can one reach a place on time. and this is not the case for just few areas. This is the case in almost EVERY area in Bangalore.
I bet people can reach earlier by walking than in the most fast car in Bangalore. Having a two wheeler is a boon. it feels great when you zoom past the traffic in all possible zig zag curves and when people sitting inside their luxury cars have a look of jealousy on their faces.

what I have observed is that there is only one person sitting inside those Big cars stuck in traffic and also causing traffic. why cant people just car-pool. in this way they could contribute to less traffic and save fuel as well.

2# Auto rickshaws

seriously I prefer walking than arguing with the Auto-walas in this city. I have this deep hatred towards them. they never go by meter and ask for the first amount that comes out of their mouth. I pity those people who have no option than to bow to their unrealistic demands. Its like the autowalas are spineless asking such a huge amount for the minimum distances as well. All hell breaks loose if they find out that you are not from this city. then get ready to pay double the price.

3# Are you sure its priced this much?

Yes, Bangalore is one of the costliest city in India. right from a small chat to house rent, its overpriced. The worst part is that every seller thinks that all belong to the IT field and earn in dollars.
I avoid going to movies at the weekends since the tickets are so costly. A small 1 BHK starts from 10K. vegetable are priced as if they are being imported from other cities. Clothes in the cheapest market cost almost double that what we get in other cities. even play schools are priced so much that its either we do two jobs or settle for low level schools.Maybe some people wont agree or have their own views about it, but since I belong to North India, I feel a big change cost wise.

4# Humps and Traffic Lights

 I have named many streets here as Humpistan .  there are like never ending humps in one road and in places where you dont need them and some you cant even see and have to apply sudden brakes.
and the Traffic lights.if you have just successfully breached the heavy traffic jam, behold, the traffic lights are waiting for you at the next step. you have sat in your vehicle patiently while the traffic was red and as soon as you started to gain speed after it turns green, there is another signal waiting for you within 300 meters. some roads are not planned well and a good amount of time is spent in going round and round of a building you want to get in because of one ways.
Bangalore has so many one-ways that many people from other cities are still wandering about on the roads, unable to figure out where to go. and if by mistake you turn into the wrong road, you are done for the day. you have to take so many turns again to go back to the way you wanted to go.

5# Miscellaneous 
 Yes, I could not find a 5th solid reason to dislike Bangalore. few are personal reasons like the number of Malls here and no where actually good to hang out and boast about to friends from other cities.No restaurants/few operating after 11pm. This makes it difficult for someone to grab a late night dinner.Its no longer a safe city which it used to be some years back.

Nevertheless, Its my city and has accepted me as I am and Am proud to be a BANGALOREAN.

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