Saturday, March 14, 2015

Being #together in sadness

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We have a cute dog at home since 2004 that we got after continuously pestering our parents. Within days, he became an integral part of our lives and we couldn’t imagine a day without seeing him.
As time passed me and my brothers moved out of our homes for higher studies. we would occasionally come back to spend our holidays but it was very rare that all of us came together at the same time. Either one of us siblings would be missing every time.

I vividly remember the day when my mother had called me while I was in college telling me that our dog had been bitten by some local dogs and has got a huge wound under his belly which has become septic. I was shocked and couldn't imagine the pain that little thing would be going through. my mother informed that the doctors have said that he would not be able to survive this attack and would eventually die. I couldn't control my tears. the poor dog would be whining and I was not there to console it. no one could keep me in hostel at that time. I decided to go home and take care of my most loved youngest brother.
I called up my brothers and had no surprise when I heard that one of them was already on the way to home and other had booked his tickets as well. I took leave from my college and caught the bus to my hometown the very next day. One side I was happy to see my family together after a long time and on the other side I was sad for my dog.

On reaching home, I directly went to my dog. He was sitting on his same bed with bandage on his stomach. Even though he was in pain, he was excited to see me and started whining and wagging his tail. I had tears in my eyes and started consoling him and more to me that all would be well.

My brothers arrived within the next day. We were happy that we were finally together even though not for the best of the time. We all discussed what the doctors had said about our dog. my father was optimistic that he would survive this because the dog wanted to and if we took lot of care and gave him medicines at the right time, there was no way he would die. that night I sat there patting my dog thinking that he made us all get back together under one roof. I was happy to have dinner together with my family. we discussed our lives and for sometime forgot about our sadness. It had been a very long time, we had got to sit together. the family seemed complete. Sometimes, even the saddest things in life can bring out the hidden joy. my dog was dying and he brought our family together.

From the next day, we started our daily routine of our mission to save our dog. We did our best and made sure he was happy and had minimal pain. As my father had predicted, this little fellow survived the attack. Within 4 days, the wound had started to heal and he had become healthier. The vet was surprised to see the changes and was now confident of it becoming well soon. Before my vacation ended, the dog was much better. He had started to move out himself and was eating properly.

That day taught me that if the family is together, we can survive all the bad things in life.

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