Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home-Dabur ChawanPrash

I was a fussy eater always. I never liked vegetables like carrots,green leaves,brinjal and beetroot etc.
being a sports person I needed the fiber and energy rich food while I loved gorging on samosas, chips, pani puri and chats.
I remember falling sick twice per month back in early 2000's. that would mean two-three days of school absence ,vomiting and lying on bed with would be more troublesome for my parents to take care of me. I was fussy to even have tablets which would make me vomit more.

This had to stop because it could affect my growth and I was not mature enough to understand parents were worried because they knew that playing sports without having healthy diet is even more dangerous.

My mother tried the milk flavoring cum energy supplement powders to make me drink milk . I honestly don't know if those drinks ever made a difference. I just liked the chocolate taste of it.Then,my mother brought a new thing for me to taste.It was Dabur Chawanprash.  initially I did not like the chocolatey brown-far-from-tasting-like-chocolate paste,but I had to eat it before sleeping daily due to my mothers demands and order.later,I started enjoying it and used to wait for my spoonful of chawanprash.

I grew up, eating my daily dose of this brown substance which became an integral part of our family routine. my mother came up with other innovative solutions to make me eat the non-tasty vegetables.
her new recipes included
1: bottle gourd paranthas (yummy, uuurgh  hated the dal of the same vegetable)
2: baigan ka bharta ( as I love spicy food,she used to make it the same)
3: beetroot with fresh coconut
4: soya pakoras and methi ke paranthe
5:spinach paranthas
6:beetroot sweetdish ( loved the red color of it)
7: sprouts chat
8:dal ke pakode

These new dishes were tasty as well as healthy. I started taking my nutrients and this definitely made me healthy.the frequency of me getting sick decreased to 4 times a year and now its rare. I did realize later how wrong I was in denying to eat those vegetables since its very important to get the fiber,nutrients,minerals and all other vitamins in our system in our early years for proper growth. These help create a stronger immune system.
The new Dabur Chawanprash has the power of  giving 3 times more immunity. It has a blend of herbs and antioxidants that keep your body healthy from inside, which is very important in today's world since children are prone to pollution, dust and unhealthy junk food.This also comes in new flavors like mixed fruit and delicious mango. with good taste now comes good health benefits.

A healthy life leads to a healthy mind.

Have a daily spoonful  of Dabur Chawanprash and keep yourselves healthy . click here to know more about the benefits of this miracle formula


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