Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Dream home by Porcenanosa

Everybone has a dream about how their dream home would be.

Writing on what would be necessary to build the perfect "Home sweet Home" , I had to choose some products from Porcenanosa that I would be thrilled to have in my home. when I went to their site, I was in awe of the beautiful products they create. with over 40 years of service , they are in almost 100 countries and creating incredibly beautiful masterpieces for our homes.

well. in my home basically, I would love to have a blend of ethnic and modern design.I made a list of  items I would definitely keep in my house from Porcelanosa to make it stand out and let others burn...

Bathroom: my first love is always gonna be bathrooms. I like bigger and comfortable bathrooms and obviously clean.
I would keep:
1.Bathtub :

this Victorian style bathtub stole my heart away. I would spend hours together and wish to never come out of it

2. Rain Shower:
Who doesnt love rains. this will give me the needed relaxation after a tough and tired days work.I can stand under the warn water falling from it or hours together and maybe perhaps get a tub below it and enjoy the best of both.

well, if all the ideas come alive in toilets. it better be a comfortable one. I loved the design and the finish on it. It doesnt even look like a toilet seat

4. Taps:
I like the modern tech touch to it. I would like to decide what temperature I want my water to be when I brush or wash my face.


1.Kitchen furniture: I want too much space in my kitchen because I am a bit messy. I want to have designated space for all the items. and this fulfills both

2.sitting space: It would be so good to have your best friend or your partner to sit with you and chat and gossip while you are cooking delicious dishes for them.this goes well the kitchen design too.

3.Kitchen Taps: As important as it is to wash the vegetables and fruits ,why not it look beautiful too.

Wall Tiles:
 Mosaics: I like the idea of covering the wall with small tiles rather than a whole gives a unique feeling and you can actually design it yourself
I like dark and this looks pretty awesome to have it on your wall. lighten it with with lights and you will land in a different world.

This is my list for my home and I am pretty sure I would not like to go out of my house. It will give me the luxury of a five start hotel as well as the warmness of a home.

This is my entry for "Pick as many items as you can from Porcelanosa to build your dream home. Tell us why you chose them and why"
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