Thursday, August 14, 2014

My hatred toward the Auto wallahs in Bangalore

urrrrghh.. I can feel myself getting angry at the thought that I would need to take an auto on a particular day.

The one thing I hate.literally hate are these autowallahs.I can walk 2 kms but avoid take an auto. its like they wake up in the morning deciding ,Ok for today, the first fare rate that comes to my mind will be ## whether its 1 km or 5 kms.

I dont understand why they need to charge extra bucks even when a meter is already running at a high rate.ok some cases like early morning or late night or more than 3 people,I can understand but why for all and everytime.

Its worse for non-karnataka people since the auto drivers feel their birthright to charge extra money, if not then take them from a longer route and extend the meter bill.

I had once a bet with an auto driver who was charging me 150 from navrang talkies in rajaji nagar to srirampuram 4th cross at 8 Am saying he wont get passengers from that area. I bet him that if he gets he would take me in meter and if not I will pay him 150 rs. he agreed and as luck would have it, as soon as he dropped me to my home, there were two ladies waiting for the auto, I won the bet but I did not leave him without a scolding that you should never cheat in your profession.

Its not that I dont know they are poorer than me and giving them extra bucks will not make a huge difference to me and its good for them.But what I dont like is the way they doesnt seem feasible and seems more like we are getting cheated and the guy is taking advantage of the situation.If its 10-20 more for a long distance or unknown area or at nights and early morning I am happy to give it.but charging 50-100 more is out of question and I know many will agree to me on this.

I hope the auto waalas progress a lot but I am going to walk till I can. its good for health too.. :)

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