Monday, July 18, 2016

Book Review: 6 Degrees, Game Of Blogs

I vividly remember the day when BlogAdda team asked all bloggers to join hands and form groups. They gave us a starting point and few character names and asked us to form a story out of it. This was one of the best events I had participated in. With lot of excitement, small arguments among group members on story line and surprise twist and turns, we created our own story.

when I recently got the opportunity to read and review the Book which has the stories of the top 3 groups. all the memories of those days came running back. I was very excited to finally read the top 3 stories and relive the characters again.

The stories had to revolve around the main characters
Shekhar Dutta is a stay at home dad who also happens to be a freelance writer who lives in Mumbai.  Shekhar’s wife,Tara Dutta is a big media professional. Roohi Dutta is Shekhar and Tara’s 9 years old daughter.Jennifer Joseph is a Christian photographer who lives in Kochi and Cyrus Daruwala is a law student staying in Delhi.

The stories were judged by some of the bestselling authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Natasha Badhwar, Ravi Subramanian, Kiran Manral, Meghna Pant and Raksha Bharadia.
All the teams were given the same characters and they had to write one episode per day with collaboration within team. at the end of the event, the stories were
judged and 3 teams emerged as winners. these teams got the honor of becoming a part of this book.

The first story: The Awakening

Its a sci-fi and the theme is based on saving the environment.Its not the old aliens claiming earth and humans fighting to send them back.I was definitely surprised with the genre. although at first the story was interesting but I got a bit bored in them middle and this story took me a long time to read.

The second story:Entangled 

Its a murder mystery. there is murder in the house and the sory unfolds many characters whose liver are entangled. thus, the name .the story is gripping and the authors have succeeded in keeping us guessing the murderer till the end. I liked this story the best

The Third Story: Missing – A Journey Within
as the name suggests, The child, Ruhi goes missing and the whole story then revolves on the steps taken to find her. homosexuality issues are discussed and there
are a lot of twists and turns .there was coherence and I enjoyed reading it.

I loved reading the book because of instead of one story there are 3 stories and since the characters are same, its interesting to see 3 different stories spun around them.

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