Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Horlicks #Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet - A great Eyeopener

Mother's day was on 9th may,2016 and to celebrate the existence and power of that selfless being , Indiblogger had announced a bloggers meet in association with Horlicks.

As always, I was excited to be a part of the Indiblogger event and had my electronic passes sent to me a week before the day. The venue was Vivanta Hotel by Taj and it was insanely beautiful. The checkin-in went smooth as the passes were scanned via a QR code scanner. I was happy to see and meet other bloggers, some known and some unknown but all together for a  good purpose. To spread the information passed onto us in this meet . clearly Pen are the mightier swords!

The event was rolled off by Anoop, who introduced us to An international blogger from U.S.A. Mrs. Jill Castle. A Mother of two, she is a nutrition expert and registered Dietitian. we were introduced to a new word called "Hidden Hunger" in children which is an important part in the child's growth and nutrition deficit.

The Major points she elaborated were.

1. Hidden hunger - it should be curbed by approaching a holistic approach towards the food we give to kids, They can also be satisfied by introducing nutrition supplements like Horlics.

2. Surprising children everyday-  giving them a different variety of  food at each meal everyday tends to keep the interest of children and they want to eat what you serve

3. Staying away from western food.-Indian vegetarian diet is considered to be one of the best in world but due to advent of western food like pizzas and burgers, etc. The society is leaning towards them more in past years. these food are not only unhealthy but also becomes a kind of addiction to children.

4. Smarter ways to extract all possible nutrition daily food.- she explained different types of methods where we can actually let more nutrients and enzymes make their way into the food making it more healthy. like she pointed that boiling un-raw packed milk actually removes few of useful nutrients present otherwise in the milk.

5. Immunity matters. developing a strong immunity system is very important at the early age. She explained how it affects the growth and develops strong inner body strength.

She opened our eyes to the current situation of malnutrition in India and how to tackle it, Her blog may be useful for all mothers who face trouble feeding their stubborn adolescents,.

The event was graced by the presentation of Mr. Amaan Khan, Head of marketing GSK who introduced us to the world of Horlicks and how they are through their tasty drink , are making Indian kids grow Taller, Stronger and Sharper. 

The few concerns he raised were the alarming rate at which the deficiency for micro-nutrients in increasing in Indian children. he pointed that about 80% of Indian mothers are not satisfied of what their kids are eating.

Mr Amaan

He explained how Horlicks when mixed with milk and given twice a day can make up for 100% of the nutrients required by children. they have launched a nation wide activity which involves collaborating with schools and trying to remove malnutrition. they have also introduced "Swastha Bharat Abhiyan " under which even schools in villages are made aware of malnutrition and how to prevent it. He also mentioned that small  pouches of Horlicks are made available so that it can be affordable for the poor.

Then followed a panel discussion with eminent pediatricians and dietitians. who again ventured into healthy diet and answered queries from audiences. They told the importance of fruit in daily diet. I was influenced by the fact that deficiency of some nutrients in a pregnant mother can actualy affect the unborn child and so the mother should be very cautious.

Panel Discussion

The three discussions was very informative I must say. It opened my eyes towards the importance of nutrients which we ignore to think about in our daily life. I am not a mother yet but I was really happy that I got this opportunity to attend this event . I can now be proactive and think before I eat.

The last part of the event was a surprise quiz. we were divided into groups and had to answer 7 questions. This really helped us mingle with fellow bloggers and win some prizes.

The event ended with the Amazing food spread and a goodies bag with my favorite bottle of Horlick inside it.
Wait, how can I forget the group photo with the a lot of cheering and clenching of fists in the air. An amazing end to an amazing evening.

The Amazing Bloggers

I thank #Indiblogger and Horlicks for this informative meet.

Pic Courtesy, My Phone and #Indiblogger 

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