Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness- Its all about Bonding in REAL

what is "real togetherness"? Is it playing candy crush in Facebook and sendnig otheres request and "bonding" or is it creating a whatsapp group named "family" or "cousins" and pretending to be a family. the digitalised society has made us lazy. Gone are the times when we used to actually go to people's houses to wish them or give a surprise visit. nowadays, its sufficient to message on whats app or publicly express the love on Facebook by updating status. Seriously, do we really feel good if we see wishes on our wall or when we actually see a person come to see us and wish?

Gone are the days , when there were family outings and the whole family used to sit together and talk and play games. now, all we see are fingers on our smart phones, updating our statuses.

This needs to be changed else our future generations would not even see how their cousins, friends or neighbors  look like in person.

Unfortunately, even I am a part of this Bandwagon and I don't like it. we have lots of whats app group but we hardly meet and have "real Fun". a bigger part of our lives goes out in our jobs. the whole week goes away in calls and meeting and deadlines. the weekend is when we have time to run personal and home errands and take a little rest.

A  weekend was near and I finally decided to actually meet my " Friends" of my whats app group. we made  plans of a bike ride to the nearest hilltop and see the sunrise. I was happy to see that many if my friends were really excited about it.Yes, most of these planning happened over phone as we live quite far but we were going on a trip and that was enough.

The plan was ready. we were around 10 people and the place we were going to was Makalidurga. it was a night trek that we had planned.we all met at the Bangalore railway station around 6.30 pm. Starting the travel by train to reach Makalidurga which is located at 60 kms Bangalore, takes an hour and half to reach the place. When we hopped on the train it was evening around 7 pm. there was a round of cheering and hugging to meet each other after such a long time was really precious. Crossing the railway track, jumping of the bushes amidst two huge mountains guided the way for us to the fort - 'Makalidurga'.

The whole trek to the hilltop under the moonlight was very fun. the other fun part was that we were talking and singing along .we reached the hilltop around 3 am. we lit the camp fire and sat around it because  it was quite chilly . we made tea and ate snacks we had carried. tonight there was no calls, no Facebook updates and no games to play on phones. tonight there was only real talking,  playing "actual" games and having the best time of our lives. we got live updates from our friends, what is new in their lives. we were breathing the fresh air of the hills and sleeping under the million stars.
the next morning after the sunrise, I did  not want to go down at all. I really wished we could stay their surrounded by nature forever.

that day we realized what we were actually missing . we promised each other that we would start meeting more often and be really together, since then we have had lots and lots of such treks, free from the shackles of smartphones and digital world and nature helped us get together.

This year, Kissanpur calls people to come and discover the joy of Real Togetherness. at Kissan,they feel that it is about breaking free from the clutches of our smart phones and building meaningful relationships with our kith and kin in the real world

 What does Real Togetherness mean to you? comment below and join us to find  The Real Togetherness with KISSAN.

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