Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surf it up : the game of CRICKET

Cricket is most popular game in our country.Anybody can play it, Tall, Short, Fat, Thin, Slow, Fast… anyone can be a player in cricket. If you’re good enough then nothing matters.

People get Lamenting , when India get a loss for the team and that’s more than enough to drop one’s spirits. Meanwhile, when India loss in Pakistan, we go days without smiling as we continue to live in the nightmare.Every country gets the hero it deserves. In India, Sachin Tendulkar is worshiped as God.

we always love & keep good relationship with with our neighboring countries but when it comes to cricket we fight as warriors. Say it is any gender, any season "CRICKET" will be played. Usually when monsoon is at its peak and entire streets are waterlogged. However, this has not hampered the enthusiasm of school kids and youngsters from indulging in their favorite game of cricket.No wonder, this gentleman’s game is termed as our religion. Moreover, every cricketer is worshiped as a larger than life hero in India.We not only keep a track of centuries they scored but also we keep ourselves updated with their goggles, tattoo and hairstyles.

"Cricket ko pyaar karne ki wajeh toh haazar hain. yeh toh aisa mazhab hai hindustaan ka.. jahan har mazhab ke log ek ho jaate hai." I still remember when I was a kid and Sachin was batting with Sanjay Manjrekar or with Ganguly, I used to pray god let Sachin scores century, my heart would be very high when he is bating.

When India made into semi-finals in the world cup 2015, properties of your office go for a toss. You and boss may sit next to each other and discuss something common with same conclusion that India will win unlike other matters. Nowadays due to electronic media, commentators who have played cricket also getting importance.  By the way we all are commentators in one way because when batsman misses a bowl or drop the catch we always comment as if we are legends, funny but true.

If India win the match all cricketers are hero's but incase if they loose the match I think they are badly treated by electronic media and social media which is not good! At the end of the day cricket is a winner. We believe cricketers success is our success.

Few funny saying which we will hear about cricket "beta fail ho gaya!! Pura din ya toh cricket khelta hai, ya cricket dekhta hai".Apart from these our parents allow us to be part of cricket that's the great news for cricket.

Inspite of sachin tendulkar retirement we always believe "Hindustaan woh jahaan hai jahan gaali gaali mei ek Sachin paida hota hai". That is the cricket mania.

with the  21st century technology, we have now smartphones and high speed internet to stay connected to the game no matter what time and what place it is

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