Friday, September 12, 2014

There is a Dog in my life -reasons-why-its-necessary-to-have-a-dog

I remember carrying a white furry purse that resembled a Pomeranian pup to show to my girlfriends that I own a dog. and this was when I was hardly 5. I was longing for a dog since then but my mom would not allow. she had her own reasons and they seemed legitimate.

Finally god heard my prayers and I got a Pomeranian as pet in 2003. it was a singaporian breed,born to two beautiful  dog parents at my relatives. we had a huge melodrama at home before we got mom agreed on few terms and conditions namely -
I would not touch it no matter what happens.
I will not feed it,since we have brought it,its our responsibility to take care of it.
I will not clean its Shit.
It will not climb on bed or come inside kitchen.
It should not roam around the house shititng everywhere or make a mess.

we agreed to all her conditions,chuckling in our heads since we knew all of the above would not hold once we get the do you expect a small puppy not to shit or play around. we were far too happy to make our mom understand that.
and so it came,our newest member of family and lives were just about to change. we got two pups,one to give to some other relative.the one we had to take was marked in pink by our aunt as it was supposed to be a calmer one and my mom wanted a calmer dog. few days with the puppies,we realized that ours was indeed a lazy fellow who only wanted to sleep. we named it scooby.

days passed and that lazy fellow grew,I dont know what got into him, he became the most clever,energetic and beautiful dog. the one who always wanted to sleep,did not let us sleep from then on. what we faced next was a series of embarrassment. me and my mom running around the neighborhood to catch our dog and bring it home . and this little devil used to enjoy this chase and never came in our hands easily. I remember him hiding behind a small wall,my mom on the other side and me on the other, and this fellow peeking to find a way to escape. as soon as he came out of the wall, I made a dive (similar to a fielder) at him and finally we caught him...The one thing that scooby gained from all this drama was my mom's love and attention of all my neighbors. he became the apple of the eyes of all.

Years passed ,scooby became chubby and the bond between him and my mother became stronger than us.It became so strong that my mother started taking care of him like a son. they both became inseparable.he followed my mom everywhere,started waiting for her at the gate if she had gone outside for grocery.
 Infact, he became our alarm to tell mom is back. we used to see TV while she was away and as soon as we heard chubby howling we knew she was back and our books got opened and TV shut.
 we loved chubby. he changed our lives.I wanted to teach him tricks,but all he could learn was a shakehand.we loved it when after coming from school, he greeted us by madly wagging his tail and jumping around till we patted him down.he made us forget all our tensions. his way of greedily watching us eat our food and making obvious barks to give him some too was adorable.

we also came to learn about this dog behavior that they wont hurt small kids even if they are twitching his ears or pulling his tail. if growns ups do that,he would growl,but no never to small children.

He knew he's not strong enough to fight and so made a clever plan to scare away people. he used to hide and as soon as someone passed by our gate.he used to make a sudden appearance and give a shock with his loud bark.

we three siblings left home for higher studies.during holidays when we used to come home we would be on cloud nine to see him greet us by barking madly and licking all over. we were happy he never forget us.
ahhh those eyes. I can bet ,he has the best eyes in world. check it out yourself.

our chubby is one tough guy, its been 11 years now. he has got bitten by jealous street dogs,had suffered from several diseases but still manages to spring back .there were times, when the vet said that he is old now and will die within few weeks or a month because of this disease or injury, we used to sit with him day and night with tears in eyes, but this tough guy has managed to come out of all. he is healthy now , eats like a horse,still runs and barks at everyone.
yeah has become lazy, so lazy that he doesnt even bothers to get up if a mouse is nibbling away his food from his own bowl or a cat jumps over him to enter our house. I know, that sounds funny but its true.
He taught me to love someone unconditionally ,to have an empathy towards animals. all they want is love and all they give is love.

There should be a dog in everyone life atleast once.

Here are my reasons for having a dog:
1) some one will love you unconditionally.

2) keep you healthy. with those evening and morning walks with dog.
3) distract you from work stress. one look at those eyes and you will forget your tension.

4) empathize with your pain. if they see you sad,they will sit beside you and try to console in their own cute way, hand on your knees. aah so adorable

5) give you time off from entertaining your kids.dogs do that much better..;)

6) will make you laugh with the funny things they do.

7) you will want to make them do something wrong  just to see their guilty face asking for sorry.

8) keep you company in your loneliness. listen to you talk with straightened ears.

9)you can play,do their makeup,make them wear weird clothes,do almost anything with them and they wont fuss.instead,they will join you.

10) protect your home from outsiders.if not actually protect.atleast bark to make you aware something is wrong and the rest is in your hands..:)

11) the most loyal friend you will ever have.

The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.
~~[ Mark Twain, letter to W.D. Howells, 2 April 1899 ]

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