Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nirmala by Munshi Premchand

when I wanted to write the review of the books I have read, the first that came to my mind was Nirmala by Premchand, this I had in my grade 11-12 and I loved the way the character was portrayed,human suspicious nature , an aged husband trying to woo a younger wife and the helplessness of Nirmala trying to become a good wife and a good mother inspite of all odds

One of Premchand's most popular novels in India, Nirmala was written at a time—the 1920s in India—when the issues women faced in Indian society were receiving increasing attention from writers and poets.Unlike Premchand's other works, Nirmala has a darker tone and ending, and its characters are less idealised


Nirmala’s marriage was about to happen to a doctor in a rich Brahmin family but because of the death of her father, a financial burden starts looming over the Nirmala’s family. Thus, paying the dowry becomes a concern. Her marriage then happens to a widower, Munshi Totaram in his forty’s who brings Nirmala home in order to fill his first wife’s place. He has 3 sons and one sister living with him. He is a lawyer and is rich and respected in the society. By marrying, he hopes that his children would get the love of a mother and there would be someone to take care of his house too. His lost hopes to live comes alive.

But Nirmala could not find her dream man in him as he was too old for her. Even then, she faked happiness in front of him.

Soon suspecting the beauty of Nirmala, her husband starts doubting the relationship between his eldest son and Nirmala and so sends him to hostel.

All three children regret this, especially the eldest one. His health soon deteriorates in the hostel. A   catastrophes strikes the house of Nirmala. She was now blamed for all that happened and the situation goes on to become from bad to worse. The story wonderfully depicts that how everybody get caught in the situation even though it is no one’s fault.

the story is depressing and not suitable for people looking for romance or comedy.the wordings are simple. the relationship between Nirmala and the elder son Mansaram is very well depicted. the way Totaram tries to woo his wife and the failure and his  perception of his elder son and wife relationship as adultery, which shattered and broke his son to the extent that this intense grief took his life is depicted well to show human nature.

It is an all time classic and would recommend everyone to read it.

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