Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Size 8 versus Size 12. :)

I am a proud size 12 . I used to be size 8 some 3 years back but eventually went on from purchasing extra small size clothes to large now.

I initially used to get conscious about me getting fatter and not able to wear the same clothes I used to wear. Infact, since my mother never allowed me to wear those figure hugging,sleeveless tops I was  waiting to get a job and start flaunting my toned arms and flat stomach. ( I was a sportsperson and thus was in perfect shape).
The IT industry just took away my shape and size. I grew in my field and I also grew (in width)more day by day.;)

This transition phase for me was not paved with flowers.I frantically tried to loose wight. I would spend hours on internet searching "how to loose weight"and try whatever was written there. I drank warm water with lemon and honey for some months, I joined a gym, someone told me to eat "Kadi Patta " (curry leaves as they are called) and what not.but nothing worked out. ufff now when I look back I laugh at myself.

Actually,its more fault of the people around you who have seen you thin and suddenly seeing you fatter is not acceptable by them. I got affected by what others used to say about my weight. friends and family started calling me "moti" and the instance you post a pic on FB, the first coment would be "haaaw tu kitni moti ho gyi".. oh man, I was so damn affected by them.but I was far too strong to get depressed by it or rather since I had good FAT content that It hardly reached so much deep. :D

days, months, year passed and I got used to it. I actually started to feel positive with my weight. I was independent, ate what I want and was healthy.This acceptance is very important.I know I cant go back to what I was. the body grows with age and its all natural.I love the chubby cheeks I have.Sarees look so good on me now since I was so thin back then it looked like a cloth on a hanger.

The only thing I can do and what I do is remain healthy and eat good food. anyways I dont like to eat lot of junk food like pizzas and Burgers.I take stairs instead of elevators and do yoga thrice a week.all this to stay fit since sitting at office continuously without exercise takes a toll on your health.

I am still called a moti but I hardly notice it now.Yes, I have gained weight but I am not FAT fat. and then, so what I have gained weight and am not so thin and Sexy as I see freshers out of college.I look good and I feel good and thats what is important. I can become thin if I seriously start to aim for it,but NO, I dont want that now. I cant starve myself and see longingly at a desert or dishes I love to binge upon and cant do so. anyways in old age I will be asked by the doctor only to avoid some food,so why to avoid it now. I will eat till I have teeth.

 My Advice:Size doesn't change personality. cheers to all the people out there who think like me.

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