Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gore Movies

I am Gore fan and have always been.I remember watching my first Gory Movie hostel 1 followed by hostel 2 It may sound weird but I kind of  enjoy blood-spilling, mind *beep* bone-breaking and miscellaneous dismemberment of humans.
note: before anyone can tag me to be having a violent streak ,I can see Only Humans and that too in movies,I tried watching the ISIS attack on innocent people and got nauseated.also I cant take violence on animals,not in movies or real.just cant tolerate that .

since then, I have watched so many gory movies that now the recent watched ones seemed bore more than disturbing..

My list of gore movies in no particular order than my memory ;)
Hostel 1and 2
Wrong turn 1,2 and 3
Saw series 1-5
The Human Centipede 1and 2
The Texas chain saw massacre
Cannibal Holocaust
The hills have eyes
Hatchet 2
The midnight Meat train
few more I have seen but dont remember the name. I might add them later.

I will be reviewing all the movies one by one

DISCLAIMER: people who just cant watch violence, please stay away. I have other kind of review for you.


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