Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Queen- Kangana Ranaut

As I write this, I remember the last scene where Kangana is seen walking down the road with a smile that says it all. the pride, self confidence and happiness that she gained by the end of movie is so much visible in her eye. Hats off to kangana for this outstanding performance.
She is indeed the 'Queen of hearts'.
A normal love story  where a boy wins the heart of a simple home science studying girl but dumps her the one day before the marriage. the heartbroken girl then decides to take a journey that would change her entire life , she decides to go on her honeymoon alone.
What happened next is  the journey to discover oneself
And so this girl from Delhi’s Rajouri Garden traipses around the world, Skyping with her family upto ten times a day, and yet finding liberation around every corner.
she finds that shes brave enough not to let her get mugged, travel alone to another city and live in the same room with 3 boys from different continents. she finds happiness in every thing she does. I like the parts when she talks with the other boys in hindi and they listen carefully to her as if they understood everything. the movie not only succeeds in making Rani a queen but also shows how humans in pain can connect even with language barriers.

Rajkkumar Rao as Vijay,the man who dumps rani but later realizes his folly or whatever that was, tries to win her back. there is a point when Rani seems to be on the verge of returning to her earlier life, She hesitates, the moment passes and you feel Rani's sheer sense of liberation as she turns her back on a selfish man.

the dialogues and conversations seems refreshingly real. You burst out laughing as Rani innocently buys souvenirs at a sex shop, or when she narrates Santa-Banta "non-veg" jokes to foreigners.the sparkling humor comes from the dialogues, which leading lady Kangana is herself credited with co-writing.

Ultimately,its kanagana who makes this character come alive. The fact that rani chooses herself in the end seems like a victory to the audience and this could not have been made better by this stunning actress who is here to shine and shine the brightest. this film will definitely come down in history as one of the best performances given by an actress.

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